Crypto Currency
Fintech by Lamborghini Latinoamérica
1st and only virtual currency where the investor's money is deposited in a fixed-term Bank, recovering 100% of its capital plus interest, based on the annual rate established by Barclays Bank, Switzerland.

Really Disruptive Change:

Make bank investments in fixed-term deposits, without the need to obtain a bank account. This unprecedented system will allow people who are not banked to make investments and at the same time obtain interest on their capital.

Fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies, causing large capital losses by the investor is no longer a problem. The true virtual currency is born: LAMBO. Only currency with 0 (zero) volatility!

Automatic renewal of bank deposits.

Steady increase in price within the parallel currency market

Form, way of investing in LAMBO and obtaining a fixed term guaranteed and backed by the Barclays Bank, Switzerland:

The investor acquires through its web platform or its Official Market of Lamborghini Latinoamerica 1 LAMBO currency, equivalent to 10 US dollars, for the process of conversion with the local currency.

The currencies invested in the LAMBO currency, Lamborghini Latinoamerica, will be automatically converted into US dollars and deposited in the Barclays Bank, a local subsidiary, in a single account, in the name of Lamborghini Latinoamerica, who will henceforth become the custodian of the capital. invested, who acts in the name and on behalf of the investor, within a fixed term of 30 days, renewable. The account number will be publicly known. For the withdrawals, the joint signature of their holders will be required, who will act as guardians of the funds of all investors.

Each LAMBO cryptocurrency or token has an alphanumeric, encrypted, public and unique identification.
This allows us to individualize said token.

Counted 32 days from the completion of the acquisition of the LAMBO cryptocurrency, the investor may dispose of the invested capital + capital resulting from the accumulated interest, subtracting the taxes.
The variable fixed terms contracted will not allow early cancellation. Lamborghini Latinoamerica reserves 4% of this figure, which will be used for the capital investments necessary for its technological developments and administrative expenses.

Payment or recovery will be made by bank transfer or in person at the local Lamborghini Latin America offices.

Bunkerized Reserve:

Capital reserve, protected by a bank. The deposit number and the total figures deposited by all investors will be publicly known, keeping the investor anonymous, derived from the nature of this innovative business system.

A council or association of eminent local financiers, of prestige and of public record, will be in charge of the economic-financial follow-up of the capital entered directly and of its deposits, details that will be reported publicly through the official website of Lamborghini Latinoamerica.

The acquirer of LAMBO is protected by the local and international laws that govern cryptocurrency and fintech, as well as civil and commercial regulations, including those related to consumer defense rights and Securities Commission regulations of the respective countries. , due to the nature of the transaction

Comparison of the Bukerized Reserved LAMBO system with other financial investment systems:

Fixed income assets, such as bonds, have the particularity of being medium and long-term investments, in addition to being a fixed income, particular knowledge and professional advice are required, being excessively burdensome and complex for the average investor. Lambo cryptocurrencies set a profitability value by adding the unique characteristic of speed in transactions and investments, and supporting them through consistent and permanent advertising the trading operations carried out on exchanges, which may be of great benefit to the investor future.

Equity and equity investments. Investments in the Forex market. They are another way of obtaining an income, although dependent on the success of the companies that place their shares and are listed on the Stock Market.

Investments in Stock Indexes usually consist of an operation similar to a variable income investment, where the company becomes a region or country. Its volatility is lower but it is still present, therefore the risk profiles increase.

In the Mutual Investment Funds the investor always depends on the negotiation capacity and suitability of the administrator of the funds, where the regulation in most cases enables him and gives him enough freedom to invest in actions that may result in risk. The risk is always present.

Investing in LAMBO is the most secure, fixed, reliable and SPEEDY investment (a transaction can take thousands of seconds) where the crypto world joins the traditional banking world. To acquire a LAMBO cryptocurrency it is only necessary to have a device connected to the internet; in this way we are carrying out a banking operation, in an international institution: Banco Bancarys, one of the most prestigious entities in the world, guarantor of Lamborghini Latin America, and of you, investor.

Words that identify us: bank, fintech, blockchain, speed, liquidity, internationality and profitability. We have chosen for the investor the most representative and traditional financial form: FIXED TERM.


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